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Avoid 9 Things to carry on your Relationship for a Lifetime

Dating feels so romantic in the beginning. You’re dragged away by the ‘new love’ vibes.

Couples often complain that they don’t feel the same with their partners after some time being in a relationship. Why it is so? Where does that love at first sight feelings go? The closeness, romance, chemistry, and fun that you expect to last for a lifetime isn’t even lasting for months.

The attraction slowly turns into compulsions. Ignoring each other, criticizing the use of Fildena and Vidalista 20 intentionally replying late to your partner’s texts, rude behavior, etc., are new-gen ways of expressing anger or disagreements. If you’re doing this, your relationship is under threat. Such things don’t make your relationship last longer but bring it towards an end.

Does it seem like your story? If your answer is ‘yes’ then your relationship is crippling. To all those couples who really want to stay together, this needs to be worked out. How would you know if self-sabotage is the reason for the distance between you? Let us share some common signs.

9 signs that confirm you’re killing your Relationship

  • Jealousy

To be honest, jealousy is good for a relationship, but it should be at levels that do not snatch away the joy of togetherness. Always thinking that your partner is seeing someone else out of your knowledge or questioning their faithfulness all the time is not what a good partner does. Maybe such produce of your thoughts are without any proof & it makes a huge negative impact on your relationship.

Jealousy is a major destroyer for the strongest relationships too. So, beware!

2. Being a ‘player’

Honesty is the best policy & this thought equally applies to both personal & professional life. Some friends may have more than one boyfriend/girlfriend. And luckily, they get saved from being caught too. But, it isn’t necessary to follow their path & ruin a good relationship. It may give you temporary pleasures, but you’ll be losing a gem.

Remember that serial dating is never an alternative. Stick to loyalty, no matter what.

3. Emotional abuse

Not respecting your partner’s feelings is disrespecting your relationship. Never invalidate their thoughts. Some situations may arise when you have to cancel plans at the last moment and that’s fine. For instance, blaming your partner for anything happening in your life is not ideal behavior. Such emotional abuse is often referred to as gas lighting.

Needless to say, that you have to change such behavior if you don’t want to lose your partner.

4. Always searching for an escape

Any relationship requires trust and commitment as basics. If you’re involved in a serious relationship, your partner may ask you for meeting your parents, moving in together, etc. Either of you thinks that ‘what if my decision falls wrong?’ and you begin to consider the financial and emotional consequences. Such thoughts make you do things that step out of your relationship.

Don’t be so rude. Give chance to your relationship to flourish & see if you’re good together. Maybe it brings new good vibes to your life.

5. Sexual involvement with other partners

Some may think like their potentials are something different with Kamagra oral jelly  and Cenforce 100. Why not try it out with other female partners? It could be a normal thought for you, but would it be equally normal if your partner thinks like this? Such behavior only leads to breakups & downfalls of self-esteem.

6. Ruling your partner

Ruling behavior is another major destroyer of a healthy relationship. No individual will like to be controlled or bossed constantly. For instance, consistently telling your partner what to do and what not, not allowing them to involve in things they love, controlling their outfit, food, etc. choices, and more of such things that make you the ‘boss’ of their life is not done!

7. Intentional ignorance

Some people have a habit of ignoring their significant other when they’re not doing things according to them. Remember that no relationship is perfect. You may have disappointments & disagreements on many things. But, this does not mean you’ll avoid your partner, ignore their texts and calls, or let them face problems just because they disagreed with you. Stand by them and set an example of an ideal partner instead.

8. Holding back grudges

Keeping little things in mind may destroy the strongest relationships. No matter how good they are with other things, you’ll always be bothered by things they do wrong. You pretend to be superior by forgiving them for their minor mistakes. For instance, if your partner uses Cenforce 100 out of your knowledge and you get to know this later, you’re behaving as they betrayed you instead of understanding their genuine problems.

9. Self-criticism

Some people are so dissatisfied with themselves that they always consider others are doing better than them. They don’t even leave their partners in comparing themselves, be it regarding their career or anything else. If you think that ‘you’re earning more than me,’ ‘you always let me down because I’m not as smart as you,’ etc. then it is an alarming situation. Your partner may gulp such things for a while, but they may not be able to tolerate it for long.

What you should do instead?

By the time you have seen what sabotaging in a relationship is like; you must be looking out for ways to change for good. Don’t be late to bring a positive change to your behavior & it will ultimately bring an optimistic view for your relationship too. Make your partner feel secure whenever you’re around and even if you’re not present at the moment. Take responsibility, trust your partner, and learn to let go. Talk about your views, triggers, insecurities, etc and observe your partner’s behavior after that.

Above all, be someone who is not the reason for self-sabotage.

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